Postnatal & Baby Yoga

Our postnatal offerings are a gateway for exploring this new view of life together as a family through classes geared towards your baby, yourself, or supporting your family. Move Baby Move is a joyful, interactive program using yoga, song, dance, play, and massage to discover new ways to support every phase of your baby’s development. Welcoming your baby to the physical world, reconnect with yourself, and nurture the parent-child bond with our postnatal programs.

Postnatal Classes

Postnatal Yoga : All public yoga classes are appropriate for post-partum – just mention to your instructor and given your joints and muscles are still liabel to voerstrecth, go at half pace.

Baby & Me: (Emphasis on “me!”) Designed to help moms regain muscle tone and abdominal strength (dads are welcome too!), and enabling families to leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, while cultivating a loving connection with baby. Bring a receiving blanket for baby to lie on and toys.

Baby & Me • Movers: Join us with your moving little one for a fun, fluid, and relaxed yoga practice. This class will combine a little yoga for mom with ways to introduce yogic and mindfulness techniques to kids. The next step up from Baby and Me, this class begins the transition towards kids yoga, but still allows you to have a moment to practice. Crawling and walking babies welcome.

Mommy Sangha: A remarkable group that connects and supports new moms with meditation, readings, and discussions around motherhood to create a spiritual community that emphasizes our journey as mothers.

Move Baby Move Infants: (Emphasis on babe!) Tummy time, massage, and visual & auditory stimulation help your baby’s body learn to navigate the world while strengthening the growing spine, exploring the vestibular system (the sense of balance), and emphasizing heart-to-heart connection. 

Move Baby Move Crawlers: We continue to work on the vestibular system by weaving together rhythm, breath, and social interaction, while introducing poses that encourage development such as backbends, twists, and forward bends.   

Move Baby Move Walkers: Body and spatial awareness increases while we work on socialization and independence. Cognitive thinking and language are encouraged by emphasizing vocal sounds, songs, and rhythmic games. Developmental patterns are fostered through playing with balance, falling, and standing.

Pilates: Regain strength in your core and your pelvic floor in classes designed to create a strong and stable body. From the moment you return home after hospital the physical demands escalate—feeding, carrying, pushing, rocking. Activating and stabilizing your deep core muscles will help you in your day-to-day life as a new parent.

New Parents Group: A welcoming and supportive community for parents to share stories, ask questions, and speak honestly about the challenges and joys of parenthood. This group is for parents with babies 0–6 months. 

Upcoming Boston School of Prenatal & Children's Yoga Classes

Mommy Nearest  says we're "one of the best places to meet new moms!"

Mommy Nearest says we're "one of the best places to meet new moms!"

Check out our feature in  Boston Mamas !

Check out our feature in Boston Mamas!


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training & Certification

Learn How to Offer A Safe, Supportive & Creative Prenatal Yoga Class

Looking to delve further into teaching yoga to mothers, giving them the tools of mindful awareness, compassion, and strength throughout the journey into motherhood? Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is for yoga teachers with a 200 Hour certification who are interested in delving more fully into the world of pregnancy and yoga.