200 Hour Teacher Training:
Info Session

Free Mini-Class and Q&A
Sun, Jun 9 • 1–2:30pm in Brookline
If you are ready to make a powerful shift in your life, whether you want to become a yoga teacher, advance your own personal practice, or join a community of students on a quest for transformation, the Down Under School of Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training is the beginning of your journey.

VOICES: Yoga in Prison

I remind them the asana is a vehicle to their heart and mind. They tell me how challenging it is to hold the poses and how hard it is to clear their minds. I explain that this is the yoga, the practice. I suggest they take what they learn on the mat with them when they return to their day-to-day environment. When they are confronted in the yard, or challenged in the food line, what will they do? Atha-yoga-anusansanam.

Working with Minor Ailments in Class

Hips with Claire Carroll
Tue, Apr 30 • 2–4pm in Brookline

Learn strategies for working with minor ailments or conditions within the context of regular practice. These sessions are ideal for people with osteoarthritis, chronic stiffness (or hyper mobility), and general aches & pains. 

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