Whether it is rejuvenating massage, balancing herbal oil treatments, or personalized Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations, Down Under Wellness & Massage will help you achieve your optimum state of health.


Down Under Wellness & Massage

Three doors down, east of the yoga studio.


Located in the yoga studio


Massage & Bodywork

Our skilled practitioners work with you during individualized sessions to address your unique body and goals.

How do I Tip? 

Don't let etiquette concerns disrupt the peaceful tranquility you feel after your massage. If you're satisfied with the experience you received, you can show your appreciation by leaving your massage therapist a tip. The vast majority of people tip 20 percent of the service fee (before any discounts). Please leave your tips in cash, that way it can be passed directly to the bodyworker you saw. You can leave your tip with the manager at the desk or discreetly hand the cash tip to your therapist with a quick, “thank you!” And thank you, they will!


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Are you looking to begin your meditation practice? 

Learn techniques for centering the mind, purposeful breathing, mindful living, stress reduction and more in one-on-one sessions.

Contact us at wellness@downunderyoga.com

Ayurvedic Consultations


Boston Ayurveda School’s practitioners provide natural preventative care to enhance self-awareness and support your well-being.