Restorative and Relax & Renew classes give you the space to let go of tension, and ease the effects of anxiety and work. These classes are “yin” style of practice emphasizing the soft, quiet, and slow which help to elicit a relaxation response throughout your body and bring balance to the busy pace of modern life.

Featuring passive and supported poses that are held for several minutes to encourage your body to slow down, Restorative and Relax & Renew classes will evoke a quality of quiet surrender and a meditative sense to your mind.

Restorative: From the Iyengar yoga tradition, Restorative classes literally bring the floor to you, with each pose fully supported on blankets, bolsters, blocks, or chairs, or a combination of all props. Each class will spend long holds in well-supported poses, visiting 4-5 poses during the class. This class is suitable for all levels.

Relax and Renew: From the Vinyasa school, Relax & Renew classes offer gentle stretching with long holds and a quiet breath. Faculty encourage students to move at their own pace and cultivate a sense of intuitive movement. Each 75 minute class features soft music and often gentle assists with a lengthened savasana. Suitable for beginners through seasoned practitioners.

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