The Movement School

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Move Beyond Yoga
Drawing from yoga pilates, barre, martial arts, and functional mobility, enhance and refine your relationship with movement. Dissolve the boundaries of your mat and study the patterns of your practice to promote longevity in your body and mind.



Students will be guided through a flow practice that draws from multiple disciplines for inspiration and insight, including yoga, martial arts, and modern movement/mobility techniques. Engage in active movement by using your own muscular energy (as opposed to momentum), move from your core (as opposed to locking your core), and connect to your breath. This practice will empower you to move more and in a variety of ways, as well as promote longevity in your body and keep your nervous system calm. All levels of yoga experience are welcome to this class. Andrew credits his teacher Simon Borg Olivier for teaching him this practice.


TRX suspension trainers leverage your own body weight against gravity to build strength, balance, and core stability. This circuit-style class will give students the opportunity to incorporate strength exercises on the cables and cardio off the cables for a fun, full body workout.


Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement classes will help you expand the boundaries of what is possible by using the mind-body connection to improve and fine tune how you move. Classes are composed of gentle movements practiced with focused attention, which will increase ease of movement, flexibility, and coordination while reducing any discomfort or pain that may be present. Based on the principles of physics, biomechanics, human development, and learning, this class will help you release restrictions that may be holding you back physically and mentally.


Pilates focuses on honing well-balanced muscular development and full-body integration. Using simple and low-impact exercises based in movement and breath, Pilates is a healthy way to improve overall strength and stability. It is perfect for anyone looking to physically strengthen their asana practice and overall physical well-being. Students working with any major injuries or limited mobility are encouraged to take a private Pilates session with the instructor before attending a group class.


A dynamic fusion of yoga, barre, pilates, cardio and high-intensity conditioning that builds strength and endurance. Core is a flow class focused on the deep core muscles.


Contributions from our Movement Faculty:

Learn now from our Movement Faculty


Pilates Bridge

with Hannah Adams

Core Spider Lunge Jumps

with Susan LoPiccolo

Feldenkrais® Spine Like a Chain

with Didi Von Deck

Movement Kinetic Stretching

with Andrew Bauer

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