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Tips Before Attending Down Under

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
We always have community mats for non-heated classes that you can borrow free of charge. If you are taking a heated flow class, we ask that you rent a heated flow mat for $3 and use a towel for hygienic purposes. You can bring your own mat towel, or rent one at the desk for $3. You can also rent the mat & towel together for $5.

Can I buy water at the studio?
In keeping with our commitment to reducing waste, Down Under does not sell water bottles, though we do have filtered water dispensers. Bring your own bottle and fill up in the studio.

Where do I keep my things?
Each studio has a coat rack and lockers for your use during class. Lockers are free of charge and you simply set your own code to secure them - no padlock needed.  Help us keep a tranquil space in the studio. Turn off your cell phone and leave it in a locker during class. Phones not permitted in class studios at any time.

What do I wear?
For a practice, we recommend any comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movement. We ask you to remove your shoes upon entering the studio to start the process of unwinding and to help us provide a barefoot-friendly space. Management has the right to prevent the participation in a class if proper attire is not worn or personal hygiene is offensive to other students.

Do you have showers?
The Brookline studio has two single-stall, unisex shower rooms. Please bring your own soaps and towels or rent a towel for $2 at the front desk. Unfortunately, the Newton and Cambridge studios are not able to accommodate showers at this time.

Can I leave early?
Out of respect towards yourself, your teacher, and fellow students please arrive early and stay through the end of class.

Do teachers offer hands-on adjustments?
Sometimes teachers and assistants teach with their hands. If you prefer not to be touched, simply mention that to the teacher before or during class.

Can I bring my child?
Children 12–13 years old must be accompanied by a parent in order to attend class. Children 14 years old+ may attend class, but a family waiver must be filled out by a parent prior to the start of class. The 14+ student must also talk to the teacher before class beings. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class in order to connect with the teacher.

Where do I put my cell phone?
With cell phones becoming more and more like an additional appendage, we are creating awareness around the fact that cell phones are not appropriate to bring into the studio. Down Under is committed to keeping the yoga studio a sanctuary of respite and inward focus. Please silence phones and leave outside of the studio or in a locker. If you have an urgent situation, please leave your phone with the desk manager and they will come and get you in class if it rings.

Down Under Policies

Email & Communication
We believe that clients can be better-informed consumers of our services if they are aware of services, programs, and opportunities related to Down Under. Therefore clients are invited to join our emailing list. We do not sell or otherwise share our mailing list with any other organization or individuals. Our mailing list also includes other students, staff, teachers, and current and former affiliates of Down Under. Clients are not differentiated in any way from others on the mailing list. The mailing list will be used to disseminate general information about Down Under through newsletters, announcements, etc. You have the right to opt out of receiving emails from Down Under.

Down Under occasionally take photos or videos in classes and special events for marketing and promotional purposes. By signing the waiver prior to your first visit, all students give permission to have their image used in any advertising or promotional material. If you have reservations around your photo being used, please email g and we will do our best to work with you to respect your privacy.

Financial Records
Financial records are maintained within secured systems. We recognize that the risk exists that information may be disclosed inadvertently through billing procedures. Down Under will willingly provide any interested client with a printed receipt documenting all charges and payments.

Personal Safety
I understand that the practice of yoga involves risk of injury, which might result from my own actions or the actions, inactions or negligence of others. I take full responsibility for not exceeding the physical limits of my body, and for any injury or discomfort that may be experienced as a result of class at Down Under Yoga. I understand it is my personal responsibility to consult a medical doctor regarding participation in class.

Social Media
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are wonderful ways to stay connected with us when you are not in the studio. Stay updated with free offerings, contests and giveaways!

Loss or Theft of Property
Down Under School of Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Lockers and storage spaces are offered without any representation that they will be effective in protecting valuables.


General Rules

In addition to the rules listed herein, Down Under School of Yoga may, from time to time, post at the Down Under School of Yoga’s premises, or issue orally, additional rules that the members must obey for general safety reasons and mutually respectful use of the facilities.

Yogi Pass and Yogi Pass 365 membership holders may bring one guest per month. All guests must sign in at the front desk and sign a liability waiver prior to using the facilities. All guest passes must be received in person at the front desk.

All refunds will be made as account credit, not to original form of payment.

Late Arrivals
To make for smooth and on-time class start times, we only hold reservations up to the start of class. After this time, if there's a waitlist for a full class, your reservation may be "gifted" to a fellow yogi/yogini who's waiting. For all other classes, in order to maintain a sacred classroom space, avoid disruption and reduce the likelihood of injury, we cannot always accept late arrivals and will not allow entry 15 minutes after a class begins.

Cancellation Policies

Classes: If you pre-register for a class you must cancel prior to the start of class or your class will be late-canceled which will incur a debit to your pricing option.

Workshops: Students who cancel 24 hours in advance will receive a refund in the form of account credit. Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded. Refunds for eligible cancellations are issued as account credits. These credits never expire and can be used toward any future purchases. Beyond this, event and workshop reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable. Certain workshops may have specific policies as outlined on their specific event description.

Massage, Ayurveda, & Bodywork: Students who cancel 24 hours in advance will receive a refund in the form of account credit. Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded.

Memberships: For all cancellations, please email, call any studio, or speak with a desk manager.

Yogi Pass: After the minimum three month commitment, you may cancel a monthly membership at any time for any reason (relocation, disability, death, etc) by emailing a written notice of your desire to cancel at least 7 days prior to your next scheduled debit date.

Yogi Pass 365 Membership: A prepaid membership will expire automatically at the end of the term (twelve months) unless you renew your membership at the preferred rate before the expiration date. You may cancel a prepaid membership at any time upon 30-day written notice to Down Under School of Yoga by submitting an email request to the Desk Manager via Down Under School of Yoga will refund the unused portion of any pre-paid dues on a pro-rata basis, based on the number of days remaining in the paid membership Agreement following the 30 days after the request to cancel. Any free months will be automatically forfeited upon cancellation. Refund amount will be equal to unused pro-rated amount minus the equivalent of  one month (30 days) fee for cancellation.

Series Policies & Auto-renew
All Iyengar Series are auto-renew with a credit card only (we do not take cash or check). When you are enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled each session until you opt out. Sessions are contiguous and may not be skipped or deferred, so pulling out of the series means that to re-join you would apply as a new student to the wait-list. Places on a wait list or series are non-transferrable. The series runs in three sessions: Fall (Sep–Dec), Winter (Jan–Mar), and Spring (Apr–July). There is no series in August, but drop-in Iyengar classes may continue to run on the regular drop-in class schedule. 

As mentioned above, the series is designed for those who can commit to regular practice. The Iyengar lineage has a long tradition of registration classes with Senior Faculty teaching a consistent group of students in a progressive and cumulative sequence of instruction. Registration series sell out because students experience a depth that comes from learning in this fashion under one teacher year round and the joys of a shared language and experience. Senior Teachers expect students to attend class when they are absent due to illness, travel, or visiting India and carefully plan the sequencing on days they are away.

Terms & Conditions for Memberships with Signed Waivers