If you are interested in joining our faculty, the first step is to take class so you understand the different schools, offerings and faculty as well as the ethos of our school. For seasoned teachers with many years experience and a following in Boston, please send your resume directly. For newer teachers of less than 5 years studio experience, a great step is our Art of Assisting Program and joining the the wonderful, tight-knit team who teach with their hands in our classrooms. We also highly recommend our 300 hr Advanced Teacher Training with Natasha Rizopoulos, Barbara Benagh and Down Under's leads, refining your voice and showcasing your teaching through practice teaching and community classes. Contact our Director of New Talent for more information.

Down Under makes the political personal

We are thrilled to announce that every teacher on faculty is an official employee: accorded sick days, retirement funds that we match, one of the highest pay rates in the region, and healthcare for full-time teachers. Additionally, our full-time Faculty Director meets individually with each teacher every month to work on realizing their professional goals.

Down Under's purpose is to redress the current paradigm of exhausted teachers running all over the city with haphazard schedules, trying to cobble together an income. We commit to slowly but surely changing this model. More than ten years ago we committed to creating a space of teaching and learning where faculty and students could make a yoga home. We have never wavered from this vision and have dedicated our efforts to creating a space where students learn in an environment free from distraction and without hawking pricey retail items, and where faculty have a home that supports their personal practice and cultivates a sustainable living and lifestyle. 

Read the declaration of our school's philosophy and core values: WHO WE ARE.

A Mutual Bond of Trust: What we give to our teachers


Employee Status & Social Security: No more "self-employment" tax as an independent contractor
Sick Time: For you, kids, or even for taking your parents to appointments
Retirement Plans: Employer-matched retirement contributions
Zero-deductible Healthcare: for all full-time teachers (12 or more classes per week)
Full-time Faculty Advocate: Professional development and support
Full-time Professional Desk Managers: no volunteers behind the desk but knowledgable managers checking classes
High Pay: Competitive pay structure: $28 base acknowledges class preparation plus $3 per paying student
Timely Direct Deposit Pay: No more waiting or going to the bank


We will support and encourage your practice to grow. We provide free drop-in classes, as well as deep discounts on master classes, workshops, continuing education, advanced teacher trainings, and Ayurveda trainings.  We will foster your desire to go deeper by training with the some of the most revered yoga teachers in the country. We will also support your body’s recovery from all that practicing with discounted massage and bodywork!


As our school grows, so do the opportunities to create additional pathways for teachers interested in increasing their income streams, such as:

  • Teaching corporate & private yoga classes 
  • Leading specialty classes, mini-series, continuing education, 2- and 3- hour workshops in an area of need and interest
  • Partnering with our Faculty Director to clarify your goals and work towards your ideal income
  • Becoming part of our Teacher Training programs as a collaborator in an area of expertise and specialization
  • Joining our management staff, full-time or part-time, in any of the various areas of business from operations and facilities to programming and marketing
  • Enjoying greater exposure by contributing to a vibrant social media channel and submitting content through photography, video, live-streams, and blogging 


Part of a yoga teacher’s struggle is balancing practice, preparation, and study with the need for promotion and outreach. Some of us are naturals at this, while others find it challenging or even antithetical to their focus. With the support of a full-time marketing team, Down Under ensures our faculty get the exposure needed to help promote their personas, style, and class offerings in an educational and inspirational manner. We do this through:

  • Funding faculty photoshoots (headshots and asana shots) and video production for PR and content needs
  • Highlighting teachers on a regular and seasonal basis in our email campaigns, social media, in-studio signage, and on our website
  • Featuring relevant and inspirational content on our blog, giving teachers a place to speak about issues they are passionate about and giving students another avenue of learning from faculty
  • Publicizing studio events through a wide array of media and internal social media channels as well as through our network of online, media, and community partners


How many yoga studios have you taught at where you were brought on to teach a class and then just kind of left to fend for yourself, with no support system to help you thrive? That's why all Down Under teachers work one-on-one with our Faculty Director every month to help you navigate a path and reach your personal and professional goals. We also hold annual faculty meetings to discuss the larger vision, plus fun events like our holiday party, studio birthday weekend, and more.

A Mutual Bond of Trust: What we ask of our teachers

Down Under is a great fit for teachers who love the idea of digging in and creating a yoga home. We value a teacher-studio relationship characterized by a high level of communication in all aspects, transparency, and commitment. For a glimpse into what this looks like, read posts by Jojo Flaherty, Gregor Singleton, Kate Heffernan, and Danielle Doyle.


You commit to holding a practice, continuing your education and growth as a teacher, and supporting our community by:

  • Showing up 15 minutes before class to help students or desk staff and ensure a smooth transition. We are all in this together.
  • Teaching only at Down Under within a 3 mile radius of our Brookline and Cambridge studios and 5 miles of our Newton studio. We believe consolidating your following in a given town is a smart strategy as opposed to spreading yourself thin in a small radius. 
  • Embracing a level of communication and transparency at the most complete levels. We are your biggest career advocate and will do our best to house any professional opportunity we can. So communicate to us about all big-picture activities and offerings and give us the first consideration when hosting a workshop, taking it elsewhere only if we cannot effectively host it.
  • Reserving your leadership and in-depth teaching for our community, including Teacher Training, Mentorships, and other forms of advanced study.
  • Participating in social media in an intelligent and responsible way.
  • Teaching a minimum of two classes a week, helping out those who need substitutes, and generally not subbing out any class more than once a month (except for an annual leave of up to one month).