Down Under School of Yoga believes that art of assisting is a craft in its own right. While a teacher uses words and imagery to guide students, a gifted assistant can translate those words into action, teaching the students through touch.

In Iyengar classes, assistants adjust the alignment of students’ poses or work with particular individuals needing therapeutic or special attention. In Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes, an moves quietly through the room translating the teacher’s instructions into physical form, offering corrective and deepening adjustments that enhance the students’ understanding of each pose. The guidance of a good assistant can be profound and students often express great appreciation for the steady presence of an assistant week after week. It is a deeply rewarding role, a form of seva (sacred service).

The Art of Assisting: power of touch

with Nicole Clark

Jan 12–14 Fri 7:30–9:30pm, Sat/Sun 1:30–7:30pm NEWTON
The application of careful and sensitive touch can refine one's yoga practice and elevate yoga instruction to otherwise unattainable heights. In this Restorative version of Down Under’s Art of Assisting program, learn how to support students in restorative and restful poses with assists and holds that provide comfort, healing, and connection. Develop your ability to read the room, see bodies, hold space, make meaningful contact, and communicate through touch.


Interested in Becoming an Assistant?

Down Under School of Yoga’s three part Assistant Training Program is the most comprehensive of its kind on the East Coast.


In the Art of Assisting Immersion Weekend, you will have the opportunity to learn corrective, supportive deepening and directional assists for a diverse range of poses. You will learn the foundational skills of "reading" bodies and assisting students with confidence. The Art of Assisting Immersion weekend is offered five times annually: February, April, June, October & November.

2018 DATES 
Feb 9–11 in Brookline,
Apr 13–15 in Newton,
Jun 8–10 in Brookline,
Sep 21–23 in Newton, and
Oct 12–14 in Brookline
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In Phase 2 of the Assisting Program, you will work with the assisting faculty during four Friday night sessions to build upon and refine the assisting skills learned in the Art of Assisting Immersion Weekend. In addition to the four Friday nights, assisting trainees attend weekly partner practice sessions, working with fellow trainees to hone their skills during public classes. 

2018 DATES 
Session One: Feb 16, Mar 2, Mar 16, & Apr 6 in Newton
Session Two: Apr 27, May 11, May 25, & Jun 8 in Newton
Session Three: Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 23, & Dec 7 in Newton
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After completing a successful audition, you will be paired with a senior assistant to serve as your mentor. The mentor will offer you guidance and feedback during weekly classes to further refine your assisting skills. When you are ready, you will be placed as an assistant in a weekly class. 

Your Assisting Faculty


Assisting at Down Under

Upon completing the Down Under Assisting training program, a successful audition and mentorship, assistants will be placed in an appropriate class where they will assist on a weekly basis.  

  • Assistants help with the flow of the studio between classes and become a part of the community of the weekly class they assist.  
  • Assistants are expected to commit to working with the same class and teacher for a minimum of one year.  
  • Assistants receive one free class at the studio for each class assisted.  

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