We elevate the standards in all we do: our quality of teaching, our offerings, the cleanliness of our studios, and our personal attention to students, teachers, and managers.


Our school was founded on curiosity. We believe it is the burning zeal for truth that is the catalyst for evolution.


We are only as good as the community we serve. We believe in the power of togetherness as a means for healing, empowerment, social equity, and support. We are all in this together.


We invite everyone to stand in their own truth, even if it means going against the grain, what’s popular, or challenging the latest “fads.”


Our human compassion binds us to one another as equals, not in pity or condescension, but in a shared recognition that everyone we meet knows the taste of struggle.


We stand on the shoulders of giants. By knowing where we come from, we are able to evolve intelligently. 

Daring Greatly

We create the possibility for greatness in people. It is through this greatness that we cultivate the courage of action to try our best regardless of the outcome. 


In an age of instant gratification and shortcuts, practice is the commitment and discipline to truly understand what we are capable of accomplishing with dedication and detachment.


We believe in creating a business that supports lifestyles and communities for the long haul, from teacher pay and level of care to the management structure to environmental initiatives.


We embrace the intensity of both joy and sorrow, knowing that “feeling it all” is the point of yoga. By stepping out of our comfort zone, we often find we possess the strength to endure or do what we thought we could not.