Meet Your 300 Hour Faculty

NATASHA RIZOPOULOS is one of the country’s most esteemed Vinyasa teachers. A former Ashtanga teacher, ballet dancer and the face of Yoga Journal’s DVD’s and books, “Rizopoulos demonstrates exacting and nearly flawless knowledge of alignment” (LA Magazine). Described as “a wonder to watch”, Natasha’s greatest joy is imparting the essential tools and surprising secrets of a successful, sustainable and passionate teaching career.  She will elevate your personal practice and understanding of every pose, focusing on your ability to create intelligent, creative and joyful sequences.  Her exploration of yoga philosophy, the Sutras and seminal texts gives you the ability to discuss an array of yogic principles in a way that is meaningful and accessible to your students. Natasha’s individualized guidance on every aspect of your instruction  will advance your teaching and leave you with a fresh set of skills and artistry to apply in the classroom. Known for her ability to make teachers feel calm, comfortable and confident, Natasha’s astute and constructive individual feedback is one of the highlights of the Professional Program and occurs both in a group setting and one-on-one consultations.

BARBARA BENAGH is “one of yoga’s most compelling and distinctive voices” (Yoga Journal). Described as “one of the most intelligent and insightful teachers around”, she has taught yoga for over 40 years. Known for her intelligent sequencing, wonderful stories and expert alignment, Barbara joins Natasha in leading trainees to discover the art of great, authentic teaching. She shares a life’s work on therapeutics and injury assessment. As a result, you’ll be able to address common neck and back questions in class or offer workshops on specific areas of the body and physical conditioning. An expert of breathing mechanics and pranayama, Barbara’s work on the breath will teach you all the major pranayamas and transform the way you cue students to inhale and exhale. Her exploration on ‘the Core’ enables you to explain the pivotal influence of core muscle on asanas, and to teach core classes or immersions. And Barbara’s ‘art of delivery’ examines the influence of speech and imagery, humor and storytelling, confidence and command, empathy and ethics in the classroom.