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Chart Your Course Challenge

  • Down Under School of Yoga (map)


Thank you for participating in the challenge! We were so impressed by the tenacity, dedication, and creativity of all contestants. We thank you for making the first year of Chart Your Course a success.

Reach out to with any questions.


Grand Prize: Tina McCourt

"I initially went on this journey honestly because I've always loved games and challenging myself to push the extra step to be the best me - be it through using Ol' Reliable Lent season to see what else I can go without, setting up 30 day challenges for myself, or trying every hobby I can think of for the sake of fun and adventure. But this turned into SO MUCH MORE than that! My first week was so rough - I went to my first heated class I've ever gone to, which I have avoided because I had panic attacks as a kid when I was in small hot spaces. And I mostly just sat on my mat in the corner and tried not to cry. And also breathe. But in that moment I realized this is MY yoga - and today that yoga is just breathing and being present. WHEW so powerful! And it's been one powerful realization after another one big leap out of my comfort zone at a time. I could seriously fill 50 emails with all that I have learned about myself on this journey. But regardless of the outcome, thank you SO much for coming up with this challenge. It has completely changed my yoga practice, for the better! 7 star out of 5 star review!”

—Tina McCourt, Grand Prize Winner

P.S. I did a second hot power yoga class and I did WAY more than just breathe!"


Newton First Place: Lynne Czysz  

Charting my Course was an extraordinary experience! Receiving the teachings from Down Under’s faculty was a blessing and delight. Every teacher offered an authentic, unique experience and I felt renewed in a different way from each teacher’s direction and style. Taking up this challenge allowed me to see deeper into the interconnection of Down Under’s varied offerings.  It offered an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, combining different streams such as Hot power, Mysore, Ropes, Pilates, Iyengar and I was gifted with a multi-colored, integrated, whole experience, not favoring one particular style, but noticing how each one shines on its own and next to the others. I encourage everyone to try a new class every few weeks if you are not doing so already.  Thank you, Down Under for the deep opportunities, gifts and blessings you continue to provide your community with!”

Cambridge First Place: Maggie Shropshire


“The Chart Your Course Challenge was a great adventure.  I utilize my membership at Down Under Yoga and practice on a regular basis.  However, like many others, I tend to do the same classes. The challenge was an opportunity to take advantage of the many diverse class offerings and learn from some wonderful teachers I had not met.

Each teacher and each class offer something unique. Every class I take is a gift,  helping not just in my yoga journey but in my journey through life. I want to express my gratitude to all the teachers and staff. You give so much and I continue to benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually from being part of the Down Under Community. Thank you.” 

Brookline First Place: Francesca Rijks

Loved meeting so many new inspiring people! Got me flowing and enjoying the spice in life again and reminded me of how fun it is to jump into something that is that physically/mentally challenging. Got me growing in yoga practice and also my work and life! A cracking result. Grateful. <3