Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Meet & Greet
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Tue, Oct 8 • 5–5:30pm in Newton

If you've taken a 200-hour teacher training and are interested in learning more about using the tools of yoga to support women during and after pregnancy, this training is the next step you are looking for!

Join Bec for a Meet & Greet in Newton before her 5:45pm Prenatal Yoga class. This will be a great time to learn more about what the training has to offer and ask lots of questions. And if you haven't practiced with Bec before, you could stay for her class afterward! 

Email David Runkle at for more information.

A woman’s body is specifically designed for the challenges of pregnancy and birth. In short, the process of birth works and works well. But in our western culture, we have gotten away from the wisdom inherent in the pregnant body, and have instead turned to medical procedures to ensure birth happens in one specific manner, often according to predictable timelines and landmarks.


Prenatal Yoga is about giving the power back to the woman. Pregnancy is not an affliction or illness: mom is not injured or weak during birth. In giving the power back to the mother, we thereby empower her to make whatever choices she wants, from a place of strength. Mom can then choose whatever birth style she wishes, but she should also know that what the female body was specifically designed for birth.

Formerly known as Om Births, The Boston School of Prenatal and Children’s Yoga offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the specifics and unique components of teaching yoga to pregnant women. More than just adapting posture for a pregnant body shape this training delves deeper into the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. This program creates a safe space to unpack all things pregnant and mother related. Our 3 modules, allow students to gradually expand their understanding and skill at working with women during this transitional and transformational time in their lives. Students will receive a certificate to teach after the initial two-weekend module, and can then go further with the advanced prenatal and postnatal modules to gain a dynamic and well-rounded understanding of how the yoga practice can support and enhance the journey into motherhood.

Now Accepting Applications

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Training will take place at our Newton studio.
Fridays 7:15–9:15pm
Saturdays 1:30–8:30pm
Sundays 12:30–8:30pm

Module 1: Prenatal Yoga (2 weekends)
Oct 18–20 and Oct 25–27

Module 1: Prenatal Yoga (2 weekends)
Feb 21–23 and Feb 28–Mar 1, 2020

Module 2: Advanced Prenatal Yoga (1 weekend)
Mar 27–29, 2020

Module 3: Postnatal Yoga (1 weekend)
Apr 24–26, 2020

The weekends may be taken all together as a complete training, or they may be taken as individual modules for students with the appropriate prerequisites.


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Full training (three modules): $1400
Module 1 only: $800
Module 2 or 3 only: $400

What you will learn:

Module 1: Prenatal Yoga

The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

  • Appropriate postures for a prenatal yoga practice and class
  • Modifications for different stages in pregnancy
  • Yoga solutions to common pregnancy aches and pains
  • Meditation for both pregnancy and birth
  • Pranayama for a prenatal practice

History & Philosophy

  • Yoga’s view the pregnant body and how this model differs from the western medical model
  • Historical practices in Birth and how those practices have affected the birth process.
  • Myths surrounding prenatal yoga: which postures are truly contra-indicated and why?

Practical Application

  • Yoga practices for childbirth preparation
  • Prenatal class components and sequencing, including discussion of how to conduct “circle time” and foster community through open communication in class
  • Student teaching opportunities
  • Immediate post-natal yoga considerations and steps for re-introducing Mom back to practice
Module 2: Advanced Prenatal Yoga

Advanced Anatomy

  • Further explorations of pregnancy anatomy & alignment in Asana will be covered in greater depth.
  • Considerations and techniques to adddress pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Physical considerations for yoga Asanas and modifications
  • Safe and effective Core and Pelvic Floor toning exercises
  • Mindfulness practices for postpartum
  • Infant development stages
  • Advanced Techniques

  • Recognizing PostPartum depression and tool to aid mothers
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep), The physiology of relaxation and techniques for pregnancy, birth and after
  • Class sequencing development
  • Further student teaching opportunities
Module 3: Postnatal Yoga

Inviting Baby to Practice

  • Yoga sequences for interacting with babies
  • Ways to integrate baby into existing yoga postures
  • Fun songs to entertain baby while practicing
  • Baby massage techniques
  • Post Natal / Post Partum

  • Anatomy and physiology of postpartum period
  • Physical considerations for practice following birth
  • Asana modifications where necessary
  • Working with birth injuries, stitches, and C-sections
  • When to resume exercise, and how to ease into active activities (ie: running)
  • Levels of core integration exercises and when to increase difficulty
  • Ways to develop community support for mothers and families
  • your Prenatal Training faculty


    After this training, you will be ready to safely teach at the intermediate level of yoga with confidence, empathy, awareness, practical knowledge, and distinction. You will also be ready to focus your teaching and move into our Mentorships program, where you will begin a year-long study with one of our Senior Teachers as you forge your personal trajectory in yoga and honor the yoga tradition of deep student-teacher relationship.

    Eligibility & Investment

    Training is open to anyone who has completed their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training. Students who have previously completed any Om Births Prenatal Teacher training modules may take the subsequent modules directly.

    Students wishing to obtain the RPYT designation from Yoga Alliance can do a teaching practicum upon completion of the 3 modules, consisting of class observations, assisting, student teaching and a final exam class attended by one of the lead teachers for the training.

    Class size is limited, so apply today!

    Full tuition payment is required upon registration to reserve your space. If you have questions, please email