Prenatal Program

Supporting Happy, Healthy, Holistic Pregnancies


There is so much information to absorb when you're planning to expand your family: fertility tips, first trimester questions, all those weird aches and pains, which childbirth class is right, where to deliver, whether to work, exploring childcare options, and beyond.

The Boston School of Prenatal & Children’s Yoga supports new parents through the entire journey from trying to conceive, through birth and beyond, empowering children with the capacity for self-soothing, self-worth, and resilience. Explore our range of expert-led classes and workshops.


Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Yoga: Prepares women for birth and motherhood by connecting them to their bodies, babies, and community of fellow moms. Skilled individualized instruction, stretching, and strengthening postures (asanas), flowing sequences (vinyasas), breathing practices (pranayama), and relaxation techniques for each trimester help women relax into to the physical, emotional, and mental demands of pregnancy while offering information about laboring positions, preparation for birth, and at-home stretches. Pregnant women are also welcome to take regular, unheated yoga classes on the schedule modifying with the guidelines below.

Prenatal Massage: Recommended during all trimesters to help reduce back pain and muscular tension, stretch compressed areas, and help moms experience deep relaxation before and after labor.

Upcoming Workshops

Calm Mom, Calm Baby, Calm Birth

Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth This workshop provides an opportunity for expectant moms to release physical and mental tension, and to learn tools helpful for labor and birth. The ability to deeply relax has a direct impact on both the length and pain of a woman's labor. With deep relaxation moms are able to release into the flow of labor and even (sometimes) feel less discomfort.

Prenatal Partner Yoga

Yoga for labor, birth and connection. Strengthening yoga for post-partum moms. New moms recover strength and tone in their core body muscles and pelvic floor; regaining both their physical and mental center. We will incorporate front, back, and base core exercises with an eye to developing an overall strong center that is able to respond to everything from sneezing to running to vinyasa yoga.

Ab Rehab

Strengthing yoga for post-partum moms. New moms recover strength and tone in their core body muscles and pelvic floor; regain your physical as well as mental center. We will incorporate front, back, and base core exercises with an eye to developing an overall strong center able to respond to everything from sneezing to running to vinyasa yoga.

Spinning Babies®

Comfort in pregnancy and easier birth. A unique workshop that optimally situates your pelvis and connective tissues to facilitate baby being in the most optimal position throughout the birth process.


Fertile Body Yoga:

Fertile Body Yoga is based on the evidence that our bodies (and reproductive and endocrine systems) benefit greatly by the relaxation response, which is the opposite of our stress response.  While day to day life is becoming more and more stressful and making babies adds to that stress, our bodies are most often in a heightened stress response, triggering our sympathetic nervous systems. This means that our bodies are getting ready to fight or flee by sending oxygenated blood to our limbs and shutting down systems that are not important to survival (ie the reproductive system). What we often forget is that we have the ability within ourselves to balance this stress. The parasympathetic nervous system, often called the rest and digest response, tells our body's systems that it is is safe and everything is fine, which signals our reproductive system to function optimally. Our bodies are more receptive to conception because they are as fertile as can be. Whether you are trying without intervention or in the middle of treatment, having the body primed and in a state of receiving is key.

Fertile Body Yoga triggers this relaxation response by incorporating both body-led slow flow yoga with restorative postures.  The asana practice will also bring oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs, allowing them to function optimally, while also opening the hips, pelvic region and shoulders to relieve stress. Yogic philosophy is woven through the class so that you have tools to take off the mat and into the real world to keep you present, calm and content. Creating a community of women to support each other is another great benefit of our classes.

All women at any stage of their fertility journey are welcome to the class, whether they are just starting out or are on their 5th cycle of IVF. Many of the women that come to class have experienced pregnancy loss and find this space to be a healing and safe place when they are ready to start trying again. Because there is very little support for women around pregnancy loss, many women find this a beneficial practice to heal.

Please note: This class is for women on their path to conception and respectfully not for those already pregnant.

Prenatal Guidelines
Rules for Practicing Pregnant

  • Comfortable rhythmic breathing, no vigorous breaths (skull-shining or bellows-breath).
  • Practice open twists rather than deep rinsing twists, avoid squeezing the abdominals.
  • Avoid lying on your back longer than 3 minutes after 25 weeks especially if dizzy/nauseous.
  • Become aware of lying on belly. Discontinue when uncomfortable.
  • Move steadily (not quickly) in and out of poses, use a wall for standing poses if helpful and diminish length of time and full expression of standing postures if you have Placenta Previa, hemorrhoids, bleeding or pressure along pelvic floor.
  • Avoid overheating the body or very hot classes as mom’s body already retains internal heat with increased blood/circulation – so keeping an even body temperature through class is important.
  • Discontinue jump-ups and jump-backs.
  • In forward bends – extend and support the spine. In backbends – distribute curve throughout length of spine.

Upcoming Prenatal and Children’s Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training & Certification

Learn How to Offer A Safe, Supportive & Creative Prenatal Yoga Class

Looking to delve further into teaching yoga to mothers, giving them the tools of mindful awareness, compassion, and strength throughout the journey into motherhood? Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is for yoga teachers with a 200 Hour certification who are interested in delving more fully into the world of pregnancy and yoga.