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Seva Work Study

We are proud to be one of the cleanest, most beautiful studios in New England and we depend upon our work study volunteers to keep the studio looking beautiful and running smoothly.The Down Under community welcomes dedicated yoga students interested in Seva (selfless service) work study as in-studio or outreach volunteers.  We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated students who are interested in giving to our community in exchange for free classes. We ask you to commit for a year and to treat the position like you would a job. As a Seva work study volunteer, many people rely on the work you do so dependability and working well under pressure is essential.

Trading occurs on a weekly basis for hours worked. New volunteers are assigned one 2 hour shift per week and earn 2 classes in exchange.  Experienced volunteers are offered the option of working 2 shifts of 2 hours per week and receive an unlimited classes in exchange.

If you are interested, we invite you to come in for an initial training with our Director of Operations. You’ll meet for 1 hour to learn the Seva responsibilities and work through a typical shift focusing on our expectations regarding attention to detail, efficiency, reliability and quality of work. If you would like to learn more about joining our team of exceptional work study volunteers please contact Casey at studiocare@downunderyoga.com.