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Continuing Ed. classes are two hour long events on Friday evenings, led by an accomplished faculty member. During Continuing Ed. events, Teacher Trainees as well as regular students enroll to study a topicthe the community can really benefit from.  Down Under supports in providing promotion, marketing, writing copy, and all of the leg-work for the event.  CE teachers for the 300 need to be senior and very seasoned - they are mostly established already with a few additions for each year. The 200 hour CE are a more appropriate place for younger teachers to test out their ability to handle deeper material but again with approval of the Director. If the material is not academic, we might allow a teacher to nevertheless run a workshop and then ask them to wait a year if the attendance is small. All Iyengar Continuing Ed are referred to as “In-Depth Studies”.  

Continuing Ed credits are applicable to maintaining your yoga jam. 

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