Tess Perez

Faculty TP headshot.jpg

After years of contact sports and multiple injuries, Tess turned to yoga in 2010 as a way to heal physically and mentally. Her first class was a Baptiste Power Flow, and she was instantly hooked. After practicing numerous styles consistently for five years, her practice became so much more than just a physical movement; it was a time for her to check in, listen to her breath and body, and revitalize herself. She knew she wanted to pursue a 200-hour certification and share her love of yoga with others. She completed her training at Tiny Buddha Yoga in Ann Arbor, MI and taught Vinyasa there for two years while also managing the studio for over a year. Tess recently moved to Boston from Ann Arbor and took a class at Down Under at the recommendation of a friend. She was instantly connected to the energy, and has already felt a sense of "home" at Down Under. 

Outside the yoga room, Tess is a dog-sitting, espresso-drinking, extroverted musician and avid cyclist, and has been loving exploring Boston! She is excited to embark on this next chapter of her life, and hopes to enroll in a training at Down Under in a year or two to learn from the amazingly knowledgeable faculty here.