Sabrina Polignone


Sabrina teaches yoga to provide an opportunity for exploration, identification, and a building of awareness throughout the body's many integrated systems. Her classes are based on experiences in practice, through the knowledge and inspiration she has gained from many teachers and continued mentors, namely Peter Crowley, Barbara Benagh, and Nicole Clark. Sabrina has trained for several years in energetic bodywork and Thai/Shiatsu massage practices with Nicole Clark, Jennifer Yarro, and Daniel Orlansky. Combining these skills with an almost decade-long career working in mental health, Sabrina's classes are offered primarily as a service to provide more opportunities for well-being throughout life’s many fluctuations. Her experiences in teaching include organizations for those impacted by trauma, addiction, and cancer, alongside studios and workplaces for those who experience everyday life stressors. She is a member of the Massachusetts chapter of the Prison Yoga Project, which seeks to provide yoga and meditation services to those incarcerated throughout the state.

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