Marysia Gensler

Marysia Gensler began her yoga studies at age 18 at a small ashram on Long Island, New York. She first discovered yoga through meditation and philosophy discussions. She then learned yoga asana and the connection of mind and body. During the asana classes she observed the challenges some students had with the poses and wondered if there was a way to modify the poses to support their bodies. This inquiry is what has taken her further on her yoga path and to becoming a teacher.

Marysia discovered Iyengar yoga when she moved to Boston. She was elated to discover that indeed there was a method of yoga which offered modifications of poses and support to all kinds of bodies, and certainly those limited in movement. She and her husband opened a practice together combining chiropractic and yoga. Yoga and chiropractic are complimentary as they both help to improve and support spinal alignment and enhance spinal health. She began teaching yoga to patients and found that the modifications of Iyengar yoga are particularly adept at helping those with limitations due to neck and back pain. This awareness has guided her teaching. She prepares her classes by selecting a theme, creates a sequence of poses, gives clear instructions for precise alignment, observes her students carefully and makes adjustments or recommends modifications of the poses.

Marysia is a certified Iygenar yoga instructor trained by Patricia Walden and Peentz Dubble. She continues her studies with them and is grateful for their extraordinary teaching and passion for Iyengar yoga.

When Marysia is not practicing yoga she enjoys spending time in nature, gardening, hiking, bicycling and skiing. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their two college age children.

Yoga practice is a return to self-discovery, self-acceptance and happiness. Yoga guides my life and helps me stay grounded and present.

—Marysia Gensler

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