Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller CPT, RYT has been actively teaching yoga since 2008. Her charismatic and upbeat nature is infectious and her classes are filled with her passion for yoga and fitness. Lisa’s compassionate style of teaching blends instruction on alignment and infuses core strength, breath awareness and conscious intention. Due to her background as a personal trainer and competitive tri-athlete, Lisa has a comprehensive knowledge base of anatomy and the workings of the human body. She incorporates this knowledge into how she builds and teaches her classes, so that students of all levels can safely go to the edges of their practice and advance on their own journey under the supportive guidance of Lisa’s instruction.  

As a personal trainer, competitive runner and avid tri-athlete, Lisa quickly became addicted to the hot Vinyasa style yoga to complement and balance the soreness that many hours of intense training promised. Immediately, she began to notice that yoga not only improved her physical fitness, strength and flexibility, while healing nagging injuries, but caused unexpected and powerful transformation effects. Maintaining a daily yoga practice brought her mental and emotional benefits unimaginable to her as an athlete. 

Lisa has since committed to ongoing development as both a student and teacher of yoga. She has completed 200 hour teacher training programs with Prana Power, Radiant Yoga School and Down Under School of Yoga. Her teachings and approach have been influenced by the many gifted teachers she has had the great pleasure of studying with including Coeli Marsh, Chanel Luck, Roman Spondz and Shiva Rae. As a teacher, she began to realize that her true dharma was embodied in the energetics of touch. She felt a deeper connection with her students when she physically assisted them during class. Teaching with her hands felt more comfortable and allowed her to give a deeper meaning to the words and cues she often used as a teacher. Since then, she has worked diligently to develop a program where she can teach others her “language of touch” and the ability to connect and support with healing hands. She is currently a senior assistant and co-manager of Down Under Yoga’s Assisting Program where she devotes her time to teaching and mentoring others who share in the same passion. Lisa is a firm believer in the old adage…”when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”