Jared Hirsch

As someone who has suffered greatly from chronic health issues, Jared understands that we are more than our diagnosis. This understanding is woven into his teaching. He encourages a versatile, non-obsessive approach to yoga. He also helps students develop a deeper, more purposeful practice of yoga that can support them in their changing stages of life.

Jared has been studying, practicing, and teaching yoga for nearly two decades. In his words, The yoga I teach is breath-centered as opposed to form-centered. It considers the uniqueness of each individual from the outer to the inner.” Breath is the primary means through which postures begin to unfold. It serves as the medium to experience and understand the posture and maybe something about one's self. To offer the practitioner a more cohesive yoga experience, Jared’s classes integrate an array of tools beyond postures, including specialized breathing techniques, chanting, and meditation.

Jared’s teaching is infused with the ancient wisdom set forth by T. Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V. Desikachar. His teachers are direct disciples of this lineage and have imparted the gift of this wisdom to him. He has shared a relationship with his root teacher, Mark Whitwell, for 15 years and is certified by the Heart of Yoga Association as a senior teacher at the 1000-hour level. Jared has also completed certification with the American Institute of Viniyoga (AVI) under the guidance of Gary Kraftsow, earning a 500-hour diploma.

Jared continues to study and learn through his own practice while working closely with senior teachers of the AVI. Jared’s greatest teachers, his wife and son, put his efforts of practice into more meaningful application. He also shares a passion for sneakers, organizing, coffee, and cacao. 

When yoga is practiced with intention and sensitivity to one’s own needs, the unchanging source is realized, and from there amazing transformation begin to take place in one’s life.

—Jared Hirsch

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