Didi von Deck

When Didi von Deck first started Ashtanga yoga, three weeks after her third child was born, she recognized that Ashtanga is not like any yoga she had ever done before. After her first class, she found herself trying to get more yoga into her life. Despite the challenges of raising her family and her busy orthopaedic practice, she eventually started a daily practice under Kate O’Donnell and she has studied with David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams and Richard Freeman.  She completed both 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings with Rolf Gates in order to further her understanding of how yoga works its magic. She travels to India frequently to study Ashtanga yoga with the Jois family, and is authorized by Saraswathi. While in India, she continues her studies of Sanskrit, chanting and yoga philosophy, and she takes time to work with the Odanadi Seva Trust, an organization that works to rescue, rehabilitate, reintegrate and empower trafficked and sexually exploited women and children (Yoga Stops Traffick).

Seeking new ways to help others, Didi is studying the Feldenkrais Method® and is authorized as an Awareness through Movement® teacher.  The Feldenkrais Method uses small, easy movements to rewire the brain so that movement become more comfortable and efficient while the mind becomes more flexible.  The Feldenkrais Method is excellent for people with injuries or repetitive strain and for anyone who simply want to move and feel better.

Because it captures her feeling about daily practice, one of Didi’s favorite yoga quotes is from Judith Hanson Lasater:  “People often ask me, ‘Is it necessary to practice yoga every day?’ I tell them, ‘No, not at all. Just practice on the days you want to feel good!'”

Didi is eager to share the joy of feeling good through yoga and mindfulness practices. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to all and helped create a yoga program for the patients at Cambridge Health Alliance where she is an orthopedic surgeon. She also is an ardent supporter of yoga and mindfulness in schools. She has deep gratitude to her teachers in all walks of life.

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