Christyn Schroeder

Christyn Schroeder took her first yoga class in her senior year of high school—a high-stress time of decision-making about the future and balancing school, performing, social, and family lives. She fully embraced the opportunity to focus on clearing her mind and body of the stresses that were building up. Yoga has continued to be her "secret weapon" for keeping centered throughout college and her professional theater career.

Christyn received her 200-hour multi-disciplinary yoga certification from 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona. Her boundless energy and compassion make her a favorite among the children, and her background as a dancer/choreographer allows her to articulate physical instructions in a way that is easily understood by the most basic beginners. She finds great joy in bringing yoga to both children and adults, and this passion shines through her teaching.

I encourage students to challenge their boundaries, while also being happy with where they are in the moment. Because of this attitude, each student is empowered to grow in ways he or she never knew possible. After class, I love watching kids walk out with the look of deep peace that has washed over them.

—Christyn Schroeder

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