Nicole Clark

Nicole Clark

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Nicole Clark for Vinyasa yoga and bodywork at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Danielle Doyle

Danielle Doyle

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Danielle Doyle for Vinyasa Flow, Heated Yoga, and Kids Yoga at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Courtney Dutra

Courtney started attending yoga classes at the end of middle school as a way to transition out of competitive gymnastics.  Yoga introduced her to a kinder, more gentle, way of being. A first introduction to the ease that had been missing from her past as an athlete that was heavy in effort.  Through teaching and practicing yoga she began to find for the first time a beautiful balance that was missing from her past as a competitive athlete.

At Down Under Courtney completed all four phases of the Art of Assisting training program with Masaaki Okamura and Einat Peled-Katz.  She is grateful for the experience that she has had through assisting her teachers. Courtney loves the opportunity that assisting allows to directly connect with students on an individual level whether it be working under another teacher or in her own class. Assisting truly changed her teaching and personal practice in ways that she would never have expected. She enjoys sharing the skills that she has developed with others in hopes that they too can find personal value and growth through the art of assisting.  

Courtney completed her 200 and 300 hr yoga teacher training at Down Under School of Yoga in Brookline under the instruction of Natasha Rizopoulos. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Courtney can often be found painting.She began her painting studies at the Maryland Institute - College of Art in Baltimore, MD, where she developed the foundation of her art education. After two years she transferred to Boston University where she completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting. As with her teaching, her work is often fueled by relationships and history; Courtney loves the process of seeing, studying, and imitating.

Courtney currently lives, paints and practices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a lead trainer for our yoga assisting workshops at Down Under. 

Masaaki Okamura

Born in Japan, Masaaki moved to Boston in ‘93, where he attended Boston University and graduated with a degree in psychology.  He began practicing yoga in 2002. 

Masaaki has training in Kyokushin-karate, with the Hong Kong Royal Police Aikido team, and the Hong Kong Asian Olympic Judo team. He brings over 20 years of martial arts training to his teaching with a strong emphasis on mental training. 

He has over a decade of teaching experience influenced by Coeli Marsh and Tom Alden.  In his classes, Masaaki is committed to training awareness, to tune attitude, and works to empower students own intelligence and wisdom to be able to heal and be whole. He uses skilled techniques to help students and remains committed to working with wisdom, and kindness to help others. 

Join Masaaki For Class