Barbara Benagh

Barbara's upcoming 2019 CLASS DATEs:

  • Fri, Nov 22 • 7:15–8:45pm in Newton
    Slow Flow II/III
    Registration opens Oct 2

  • Sun, Nov 24 • 1:15–4:15pm in Cambridge
    Registration opens Oct 2

  • Mon, Nov 25 • 1:30–3pm in Brookline
    Slow Flow II/III
    Registration opens Oct 2

  • Tue, Nov 26 • 2–4pm in Brookline
    Slow Flow Master Class
    Registration opens Oct 2

Described by Yoga Journal as “one of yoga’s most compelling and distinctive voices,” Barbara Benagh has practiced and taught yoga for over 40 years.

A fixture on the Boston yoga scene since 1980, Barbara is known for her passionate sense of curiosity, deep exploration of poses, wonderful sequencing, and focus on physical detail and alignment.

Barbara discovered yoga while living in England in the 1970s. She had fallen out of the habit of exercising and wanted to get back in shape. A friend suggested yoga, but—picturing incense and swamis—Barbara was not enthused.

In a true twist of fate, yoga was the only exercise class offered at her local adult education center, so she enrolled, albeit reluctantly, and fell in love with it.

Barbara’s early years of yoga were informed and fulfilled by Iyengar yoga, but by the mid-1980s she began to explore other viewpoints. She found herself particularly drawn to the inner, exploratory work of Angela Farmer, who helped her to break with old patterns and trust her own voice. Though Barbara does not adhere to any one method or style, she tries to teach as she likes to be taught: with kindness, patience, optimism, and encouragement to trust in one’s self.

I can remember my mother telling me to sit still and that chairs are for sitting not for hanging upside down from. Clearly, yoga was a natural fit.

—Barbara Benagh

Barbara’s greatest delight in yoga is that the practice stays fresh and continues to inform and inspire her nearly every day. She continues to marvel at how this simple, practical system taps such deep places within and sustains her through life’s inevitable peaks and valleys.

Barbara Benagh has written for Yoga Journal magazine. She has also recorded several audio CDs of live classes as well as 5 DVDs, including Yoga over 50 and Yoga for Stress Relief. She has taught worldwide but loves her local classes and the ongoing dialogue with her Boston community.

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