Amanda Califano

Amanda is a life-long dancer, athlete, and fitness enthusiast. Amid that activity, yoga provided something new: a connection to her self that went deeper than physical exercise. For Amanda, yoga is more than what you do on your mat: it’s how you live, it’s what you share, it’s when you wake up feeling aware of who you truly are and present in life’s precious moments.

Amanda strongly believes in the power of intention setting and positive thinking and has helped many of her students set and fulfill their own personal intentions. She recently said goodbye to her full-time legal career in order to pursue her passion for yoga and to create more space for friends, family, and her incredibly sweet and charming yorkie-yogi, Toby. (Seriously, he does handstands!)

Known for her creative sequencing, her warm and lighthearted personality, and her strong but nurturing classes, Amanda draws inspiration from many different styles of yoga and all of her amazing teachers. She strives to help her students explore their own yoga experience and to grow and transform both on and off the mat. Amanda believes in finding a balance between challenging your mind and body, playing with your edge, and finding space and serenity on your mat. In her class, expect to be physically challenged, mentally relaxed, and encouraged to find some lightness and playfulness in your practice!

Stepping onto a yoga mat is like stepping into an endless amount of vast, open space. In that space, we can move in ways that nurture our bodies and souls, release whatever weighs us down, comfort ourselves, empower ourselves, and perhaps even laugh at ourselves! Yoga can provide us with whatever we need, so long as we are open to receiving it.

—Amanda Califano

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