Josh Schmidt

Yoga is not just what we do on the mat, but a way of interacting with the world around us. There's no one moment in which Josh began his journey in yoga, it has been a continual process from the start. 

As part of his acting training in college, he took a Voice & Speech class where he was introduced to Kristin Linklater's Freeing the Natural Voice. The framework for the book and class focused on discovering the natural voice through deconstructing the breath and honing body awareness. Years before this, when he had difficulties falling asleep at night, his mother would have him perform body scans (which she too learned in an acting class) in order to focus the mind and relax the body. It wasn't until his first asana class years later that he would realize all of these breathing techniques and body awareness practices were very similar to yoga methodologies. 

After college, Josh's yoga practice became less consistent as he spent a number of years bouncing from job to job as an actor, reporter, server, and account manager. During this time, Josh became keenly aware that there was something missing from his life and after learning that a friend had enrolled in the Teacher Training Program at Down Under School of Yoga he was reminded of what that something was. Less than a year later he completed his 200-Hour Training at Down Under and continues his study and practice, both on and off the mat.