Jeanette Olson

After working for 7 years in the corporate business sector in sales, marketing and client relations, Jeanette had a calling and knew it was time for a change. She was determined to find a job that could continue to challenge her and further her career, but at the same time wanted to allow her work to feel rewarding and reflective of what she truly cares about, which is helping people.  She is thrilled to now be in a place where she can combine her dedication, admiration and passion for yoga, while blending in her business skill set as the Manager of Partnerships for Down Under School of Yoga. 

Jeanette feels fortunate to have found yoga at a time in her life when she was working on stress relief and physical and mental healing of the body.  From the early classes that she participated in, she connected deeply with how yoga directly drew attention to self-awareness and the joining of body, breathe and mind as one. She quickly understood that she wanted to further her own practice and knowledge of yoga to ultimately share the benefits she had experienced personally by teaching and aiding others. 

With a 200-hour accreditation from the former Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston and a Yin Yoga certification from Open Doors Yoga, Jeanette appreciates sharing the benefits of Vinyasa Flow, linking fluid breath to movement, while also spending time on promoting the importance of rest through physical peace, relaxation and meditation.  More recently, she has dedicated time to working with students who suffer from chronic injury and illness while she pursues a 12-month 300-hour Yoga Therapeutic Essentials certification with her teacher Shawn Cornelison of Yoga Therapy International.  Shawn has been an instrumental figure in Jeanette’s yoga journey and she feels a deep sense of gratitude for him and his teaching. 

Jeanette has been able to develop a profound sense of appreciation for working one-on-one with students to create a tailored practice made up of movements and grounding that help to provide more ease and stability in an individual’s body. She is thankful for those who choose to work with her and feels the “ah-ha” moments that she takes away from teaching are invaluable.  Today, as Jeanette reflects on her continuing yoga voyage she recognizes that what she has enjoyed most about her relationship with yoga is the gratification in knowing that she will forever be a student of this therapeutic practice.