Victoria Garcia Drago

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Victoria Garcia Drago discovered yoga in 2000 in her quest to find a deeper connection between her body and mind. Since 2001 Victoria has found inspiration and guidance through her most influential yoga mentor and teacher, Barbara Benagh. Certified through the Yoga Studio of Barbara Benagh (500hrs), Victoria has been sharing her knowledge and passion for Yoga with students of many levels, including professional athletes, for over 15 years. She uses her creativity and curiosity to explore innovative and original sequences to open up physical as well as mental blockages.

Victoria takes students through a journey of exploration of the body, mind and spirit, inviting them to explore the union of the three through conscious movement and breath awareness. Her thorough and step-by- step explanations allow the most timid and inflexible students to mindfully get into poses they didn’t even know they could do.

Victoria’s secondary teacher is Shiva Rea. In 2011, Victoria completed Shiva Rea’s Chakra Alignment Certification.

Victoria was part of the research team at Boston Medical Center Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain (teaching Yoga to study participants). This research lasted 4 years and it was to give Yoga more scientific credibility, documenting how yoga can help reduce chronic back pain.

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