Donna Gross Javel


Donna's teaching is infused with joy and enthusiasm, and her passion for yoga is apparent to anyone she meets.  From the very first moment Donna entered an Iyengar yoga class, she was hooked.  As a pianist and piano teacher, Donna found herself pondering how yoga (something with no sound!) could reach her as deeply as music so she decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training program to find out. She is now dividing her time between teaching her two great passions: piano and yoga. Through teaching, Donna endeavors to guide her students to connect with their inner selves more deeply so that they can live their lives more fully. 

Donna completed 500 hours of Iyengar teacher training with Peentz Dubble and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Donna continues to study with, assist, and apprentice under Peentz Dubble, Nadja Refaie and Tristan Binns. She has also taken many workshops with Patricia Walden and Jarvis Chen to further develop her teaching skills.  

Donna Gross Javel is a member of the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States (IYNAUS) and its New England chapter; Iyengar Yoga Association of New England (IYANE).

Donna is known for her ability to always see a 'silver lining' and she carries that into her teaching.  Through thoughtful sequencing, detailed instructions and the warmth of her personality, Donna guides her students to help them find acceptance with where they are in the present moment while challenging them to reach their fullest potential.

When Donna's not on her yoga mat or at the piano, she's probably searching for balance and equanimity in her life.

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