Diana Estey

A born teacher inspired by movement and light, Diana Estey first began teaching yoga in her early thirties under the guidance of Shiva Rea. She learned a dynamic vinyasa style that was further influenced by her primary teachers Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee, and Sean Corne. Diana also spent a fair amount of time at Kripalu studying and then in 2003 moved to the Bay Area, California, to expand her yoga career with YogaWorks. There Diana gained the skills of clearer articulation and alignment. She developed an incredible practice and community, and assisted with the teacher training program there.  

In her time out west, Diana began the study of her beloved Yin Yoga under her teachers of Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers, and Paul Grilley. Yet as Rumi says, “But don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth…" 

Diana integrates the teachings of many teachers and experiences, her coaching work, and her love of poetry and nature to create a strong, nurturing and uplifting practice. Her passion is to create space for students to experience greater connection their own joy, beauty and freedom in the practice of yoga.  A full-time yoga instructor, life coach, and outdoor fitness educator, Diana’s greatest joy is leading retreats: yoga and hiking, yoga and skiing, and yoga and kayaking. This work has taken her across the country and around the world to such places as Switzerland, Germany, Baja, Maine, Cape Cod, and California.

Diana is grateful for all of her teachers who have shared their wisdom and expertise, to her students who continue to inspire and inform with their passion and courage, and to the beauty and complexity of life. 

“And you too have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine.”

—Mary Oliver

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