Slow Flow

Yoga makes the rough road smooth. —Sri Rama

Slow Flow is based on a vinyasa practice and dives deep into a creative exploration of yoga postures, balancing physical challenge with quiet calm.

Slow Flow: A deep, mindful sequence of poses that focus the mind, calm the nervous system, and open the body. Slow Flow is an all levels class.

Slow Flow II/III: With sophisticated sequencing and an internal focus, this class includes a balanced range of poses for experienced students

Seasonal Slow Flow Master Classes with Barbara Benagh: These classes are for long time yoga practitioners who are accomplished at inversions and backbends. In addition to a traditional practice, Barbara uses this class as a forum for refining teaching skills. Additional costs apply for 2 hour master classes.

Meet the Slow Flow Faculty

Focused on the felt experience of deliberate movement and conscious breath, Slow Flow teachers are passionate about cultivating a sense of mindful curiosity in their students. Through intelligent sequencing and attention to detail, Slow Flow dives deep into a creative exploration of posture which balances physical challenge with quiet calm. Inviting practitioners to push preconceived notions of asana while examining the relationship of modern yoga with ancient philosophy, this attentive approach produces profound insight into the alignment of both body and mind.


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