Sarah Kearns

Sarah Kearns has a passion for helping people find an embodied experience through yoga.  In April of 2003, she took her very first yoga class, and knew after the first hour on her mat, that this would be her home for the rest of her life.  She came to her mat, to heal many physical and mental injuries from a lifetime of gymnastics and ballet.  This was the first time she experienced herself in her body, with her breath surrounded by healing, non-competitive energy.  As she closed the door to a life of competition, strive for perfection, and the need to please others through not taking care of herself, a new door of health, wellness, and spirit opened up.  She has a special passion for prenatal yoga, and also has a practice as a birth doula.  She teaches all yoga classes with a strong focus on alignment and grounding.  She has trained and practiced with many different teachers who come from all different backgrounds.  She is perpetually inspired by teachers all over the world and draw on their knowledge and experience to inspire her own teachings.  She has trained with Natasha Rizopolous, Bec Conant, Kevin Courtney and many more.