Cindy Kaplan

Cindy has been a student of yoga for over twenty years and is continually delighted in the ability of yoga to take her to greater depths of learning.

After the birth of her second child, who suffered a stroke during labor and delivery, yoga evolved from a physical practice to a way of parenting and living. Traveling to Chicago and then Brazil, to learn how to practice yoga with her daughter, she completed a 200 hr Integral Yoga training with Sonia Sumar. Three years later, she completed another 200 hour teacher training with Barbara Benagh. 

Cindy believes that yoga is our body, mind, and soul’s greatest gift. While Cindy primarily works with parents and families as a Parent Coach, she is excited to teach yoga to kids, as the practice of yoga through breathing, chanting, and asana, touches a sense of self deep within our kids, that they can take with them in the world outside the yoga studio. Cindy’s classes will give kids greater skills in attention and teach calming strategies, all while kindling each child’s unique sense of self and fostering greater confidence, acceptance, and resilience, as they live their lives both on and off the mat.

Cindy has an MA in Psychology and is a Certified Parent Coach, as well as a Licensed Practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child. 

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