Bec Conant

Bec Conant

Through her experiences teaching support techniques and attending births, Bec Conant has developed an understanding of how meditative, yogic, body awareness plays a vital role in labor and delivery, and how the yoga practice can foster that connection and inner wisdom. She has taught hundreds of pregnant women throughout the Boston area at The Blissful Monkey Yoga Center, Isis Parenting, and Inner Strength Studios. In New York she taught at OM Yoga, The Prenatal Yoga Center, and Yoga Haven in Westchester.

Katy Fyrberg

Katy Fyrberg

Katy was introduced to yoga 15 years ago following an injury, to learn more mindful movement and to rebuild physical strength. Driven to pursue a career in movement arts, she earned a BFA in Dance/Theatre from Emerson College. With a strong background in classical ballet and modern dance, she brings a deep understanding of the human body and its potential and believes that everything we need lies within us.

She is a graduate of the 4 Pillars of Freedom Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) under the guidance of Roman Szpond and Lauren Star, and the Om Births Prenatal Teacher Training with Bec Conant.

She offers her students a creative and safe asana practice with an emphasis on proper alignment and the importance of finding sthira and sukha (strength and ease) when faced with a challenge.

Katy is Mother to two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Lucy, who join her in her daily practice, both on and off the mat.

Kerry Hinds

Kerry grew up in Canada and has spent most of her adult life adventuring around the world while experiencing different yoga styles and teachers. She moved to the Boston area in 2016 from Europe with her husband and 2 young sons. 2007 marked the beginning of her teaching journey and she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training through Frog Lotus International under the guidance of Vidya Heisel and Jennifer Yarro. In April 2016, Kerry completed the Om Births Prenatal Yoga teacher training with Bec Conant and dove into the world of perinatal yoga. This training reignited her passion for teaching yoga and her desire to share the physical and emotional benefits of practicing yoga during and after pregnancy, as well as for conception. Kerry concluded her Yoga for Fertility training with Sue Dumais in 2016 and created Fertile Body yoga, which offers yoga for women who are experiencing fertility challenges. The opportunity to support women on their journeys to becoming mothers had been a desire for Kerry, as she experienced 3 years of fertility treatments and felt that there was a lack of care outside of the medical realm. May 2018 marked the completion of Kerry’s Prenatal training and is now an 85hour RPYT. With a background in experiential education and psychology, Kerry endeavors to provide a relaxed class environment where people can feel comfortable with themselves and where they are in their practices. Mindful movement, alignment, and thoughtful sequencing are the foundations of her classes, while a down-to-earth and light-hearted attitude set the tone for play and self exploration. In 2018 Kerry completed the Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga teacher training with Judith Hanson-Lasater which has slowly steered her practice and teaching to incorporate the opportunity for more rest and relaxation.  

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Cindy Kaplan

Cindy has been a student of yoga for over twenty years and is continually delighted in the ability of yoga to take her to greater depths of learning.

After the birth of her second child, who suffered a stroke during labor and delivery, yoga evolved from a physical practice to a way of parenting and living. Traveling to Chicago and then Brazil, to learn how to practice yoga with her daughter, she completed a 200 hr Integral Yoga training with Sonia Sumar. Three years later, she completed another 200 hour teacher training with Barbara Benagh. 

Cindy believes that yoga is our body, mind, and soul’s greatest gift. While Cindy primarily works with parents and families as a Parent Coach, she is excited to teach yoga to kids, as the practice of yoga through breathing, chanting, and asana, touches a sense of self deep within our kids, that they can take with them in the world outside the yoga studio. Cindy’s classes will give kids greater skills in attention and teach calming strategies, all while kindling each child’s unique sense of self and fostering greater confidence, acceptance, and resilience, as they live their lives both on and off the mat.

Cindy has an MA in Psychology and is a Certified Parent Coach, as well as a Licensed Practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child. 

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Sarah Kearns

Sarah Kearns has a passion for helping people find an embodied experience through yoga.  In April of 2003, she took her very first yoga class, and knew after the first hour on her mat, that this would be her home for the rest of her life.  She came to her mat, to heal many physical and mental injuries from a lifetime of gymnastics and ballet.  This was the first time she experienced herself in her body, with her breath surrounded by healing, non-competitive energy.  As she closed the door to a life of competition, strive for perfection, and the need to please others through not taking care of herself, a new door of health, wellness, and spirit opened up.  She has a special passion for prenatal yoga, and also has a practice as a birth doula.  She teaches all yoga classes with a strong focus on alignment and grounding.  She has trained and practiced with many different teachers who come from all different backgrounds.  She is perpetually inspired by teachers all over the world and draw on their knowledge and experience to inspire her own teachings.  She has trained with Natasha Rizopolous, Bec Conant, Kevin Courtney and many more.