Will Balsham

Will took his first yoga class at the Baptiste studio in Cambridge over a decade ago. Somewhat skeptical at first, Will only visited the studio at the insistence of an old friend, Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis, who was a teacher there at the time. But it was immediately clear that the strong, sweaty practice felt right in his body, and over time, it became more than just a physical practice. The studio was walking distance, and Will became a regular on weekends and early morning classes.

Eventually, Will wanted to go a little deeper into yoga, and signed up for a 200 hour teacher training, and began teaching. Later, wanting to go further still, he completed a 300 hour training with Natasha Rizopoulos and the other faculty at Down Under. He has also attended various other workshops and retreats to expand his knowledge and deepen his practice.

Will finds his yoga practice to be deeply fulfilling in its own right and also complimentary to his other passions, mountain biking and snowboarding. Outdoors, the stimulus is external, with obstacles rushing at you to be navigated, always looking forward. In the zone, the bike or board becomes an extension of the body, moving and adjusting without thinking. On the mat, the external stimulus fades away, and the mind can turn inwards. There is still movement, but there is time and place to look inward and check in with the body, and calm the mind.

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