Tara Morris


Yoga powerhouse, photographer and entrepreneur Tara Morris lives a big, full, and joyful life. Her yoga mat and camera have see more than 25 countries - riding her bike across Vietnam to raise money for kids affected by landmines; photographing families in Uganda displacement camps; building community centers in Tanzania (and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro while there); teaching yoga and photography in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Alaska - oh and tracking gorillas in Rwanda!

Tara’s classes are powerful, athletic, and ablaze with tempo and music. As a teacher, she will absolutely push you to your physical and emotional limits in a gritty power experience designed to explore both vulnerability and suffering by bringing you to your edge. Her goal for students in every single class is to help them walk out feeling grateful, healthy, and free. If her life had a mission statement it would read: To see the world and make people feel good.

Tara is the founder of The Love Offensive, which combines her three passions: YOGA to free the mind and strengthen the body, PHOTOGRAPHY to help us celebrate one other, and WORLD TRAVEL to learn what it means to be human. A professional Best of Boston family/wedding photographer for 11 years, Tara runs three photography companies: Hitched Studios for people in love on their wedding day, T.Spoon Photography for families and kids on their every day adventures, and Tara Morris Images for everybody else's endeavors.

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