Irina Spiegel


Fear, uncertainty, and anxiety were familiar acquaintances.  As a young girl, I was forced with my family to leave everything behind in the former Soviet Union and begin a new life in the United States as political refugees. My parents spoke no English and struggled to make ends meet doing menial jobs.  I also struggled, but internally, by putting undo pressure on myself  to show through my achievements and accolades that their efforts were not in vain.  Upon graduating at the top of my class from Boston University, I entered a promising career path in corporate finance.  I considered yoga frivolous and believed high intensity gym sessions were my magic elixir.  

A serious health challenge was my wake up call.  Feeling disconnected and without tools to cope with the mental and emotional aspects attendant to my crisis, life erupted.  Something had to change.  I made a decision to get off the fast track, switch careers, and focus on parenting.

I began about 12 years ago and through gentle persuasion to study mindfulness at the Benson Henry Mind Body Institute. Six years ago I tried, studied and fell in love with heated power flow yoga under the guidance of Roman Szpond.  I finally found what I was looking for when through my committed hot power flow practice I experienced for the first time a connection between my physical body, mind, and spirituality.  I continued to practice almost daily and was amazed to find that it helped me become more resilient by approaching challenges and life with a new attitude.

Thirsty for more I enrolled in 200TT and began teaching almost immediately.  In December 2017 I completed 500TT with Natasha Rizopoulos and the faculty at Down Under.  I deeply enjoy studying with a variety of teachers from different traditions, including Rolf Gates, Barbara Benagh, Rod Stryker, Todd Norian, and many more.  In my classes, I strive to deliver what I have learned through a combination of inspiration, rigor, alignment and breath awareness.  I hope to share and pass on the same space I was afforded for my students to experience the transformative qualities, joy, and strength that yoga can deliver.  

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