Hayley Haberman

Jodi Caplan Photography

After years of practicing yoga, curiosity led Hayley to study with many exceptional teachers; including a 200 hour teacher training with Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis in the Baptiste methodology, and a 300 hour training with Natasha Rizopoulos and other Down Under faculty.  Although she enjoys exploring various styles of yoga, Hayley keeps returning to Baptiste vinyasa because when life is complicated, one’s yoga practice need not be.  The sequence and poses are simple but potent.  When practiced with rhythmic breathing, steady gaze, and solid alignment in a hot room, the Baptiste practice is healing.  It leaves the practitioner feeling wrung out, light, and inspired.  The classes Hayley teaches are meditative, challenging, and uplifting.

Always athletic and outdoorsy, Hayley grew up in Toronto in a closely knit family. Her mother and grandmother both practiced yoga and meditation.  Hayley actively avoided yoga for decades until, in her early thirties after having two sons, she fell into a postpartum slump.  Feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and weighed down, she tried a multitude of trendy quick fixes which left her feeling lost. She turned to yoga in desperation and was amazed by how much she enjoyed it.  From the start, going to yoga class let her detach from her stressors, connect with calm, then return to her life seeing things with increased clarity.  Over time, with study and steady practice of the tools of yoga, she feels more balanced, resilient, and vital than she did 20 years ago.  Like spending time in nature everyday and with the people she loves, her daily yoga practice enriches her life and brings her tremendous joy. 

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