Einat Peled-Katz

A native of Israel, Einat Peled-Katz grew up as a classically trained violinist and later an army officer. After arriving in Boston, she worked as an administrator at a hospital. Coming from these high-stress, high-performance environments, Einat took her first yoga class in 2007 and immediately recognized she was connected to her body in a whole new way. In addition to losing 25 pounds, the feelings of well-being and peace she experienced on the mat captivated her. As she started practicing yoga daily, it began to have an effect on her life off the mat. Previously, she suffered from stage anxiety that caused her to set aside the violin. Now Einat found a new outlet for her creative spirit and was finally able to overcome the fears that kept her from doing the things she loved. Einat has a B.A. in psychology from Northeastern University. After first training as an assistant at the Baptiste studios, she completed teacher training levels 1 and 2 with Baron Baptiste, as well as 200-hour teacher training with Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton. She now enjoys playing the violin for her husband and two children.

Einat teaches a flowing class with emphasis on alignment to promote sustainability of practice. She encourages her students to show up as they are, to challenge themselves and immerse themselves in the physicality of their moving, breathing body. Her students come out of class feeling uplifted and supported.

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Getting on my mat every day is a lot like making music. Most classical music pieces were written hundreds of years ago and played many times over, yet they never sound the same. Asana practice is similar. We all practice the same poses that have been around for thousands of years, but no one person’s practice is like the other. It’s personal, it’s individual, yet it’s also universal. I find creativity and self-expression in my practice, as I strive to make every note count, filling each pose with energy and breath.

—Einat Peled-Katz

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