Stability and Sustainability
Danielle Doyle

Today is a big day at Down Under, as the studio moves to making all of their teachers employees rather than independent contractors.

I joined Down Under as a children’s yoga teacher when the Brookline studio opened in the fall of 2013. From the start, Justine encouraged me to diversify my offerings. Over the past few years, I have been participating in the growth of the studio as a teacher, manager, student, and bodyworker. As a manager, I watched what goes into running the school and the incredible attention to detail—from how to fold yoga blankets, to the intricate jigsaw of the studio schedules, to handling teacher trainings led by the country’s foremost teachers. Every piece of the puzzle is treated with tremendous thought and care.

"Stability" and "sustainability" are probably the last words that full-time yoga teachers and bodyworkers would use to describe their careers. I feel truly grateful to work at a studio that puts teachers’ livelihood at the forefront of their decision-making. I have landed what I consider to be a dream schedule as a Flow teacher, children’s yoga teacher, and now bodyworker. The studio has worked with me to structure my classes and sessions back-to-back, and I now get two glorious days off in a row.

Down Under’s transition to making all teachers employees is a big step in making our jobs and lives even more stable and sustainable. To know I’ll never have to pay quarterly taxes again, go on another teaching audition, scramble for side jobs, or worry about sustaining myself financially or energetically is truly a gift.