End Suffering
Kate O'Donnell & Rich Ray

We are trained to teach asana. We are trained to teach people to attain states of yoga. We are not trained to expound of politics. It’s not what yoga classes are for in our tradition. We are not there to engage the mind. This makes it quite simple for us. 

How can we use any situation as a means to deepen our self realization? How can we stay open and available? How do we shut down, condemn and demonize? It’s not what, it’s how. My buddhist teacher puts it this way:

We are here to end suffering

If ending suffering is more important than anything we will end suffering. 

If ending suffering is not more important than anything we will not end suffering. 

If I am suffering it is because I am choosing something over ending suffering.

We are not here to create and cling to beliefs. 

We are here to pay attention. 

We are here to use everything in our experience to see how we cause ourselves to suffer so we can drop that and end suffering.