Teachable Moments
Peentz Dubble

The practice of Yoga is vast in its breadth and yet imminently applicable to our daily life. In fact, as we are able to apply yoga practice to the very practical aspects of our lives, the power of yoga accrues within us and within our world. In our classes we offer concrete tools for caring for ourselves on every level, through the health of our bodies, minds, emotions, and heart. In taking responsibility for and caring for ourselves, we bring our very best "Self" into relationship with others. As we become more aware, awake, compassionate and joyful we are able to speak and act with clarity, concern, and loving kindness. Each limb of yoga is accessible and offers many ways of application to this care for self and others. However, the foundation of Yoga is the practice of the Yamas and Niyamas and it is through finding ways to apply these ethical precepts to our daily lives that our yoga practice becomes rich, nuanced and powerful. As teachers, we consider how we can teach and bring the Yamas and Niyamas alive through our classes, taking into consideration what speaks most powerfully to us during this time. We may decide to read from a commentary of Patanjali's yoga sutras or a philosophical reading or a poem. No matter whether we are experiencing a global time of unrest, anxiety and dis-ease, or a more personal time of challenging feelings and events, these moments are always "teachable moments" and an opportunity for us to share the power of yoga practice.