The Challenge
Gregor Singleton

As teachers we are privileged. We are given a public forum to share the teachings. At a time of distress and volatility we can offer another place for people to stand in relationship to the harsh undercurrents of life. At such a time as this, anger, fear, and apathy could easily consume and dictate our students’ lives. Do my opinions as the teacher deepen the divisiveness? Do I add to the distress? Am I strengthening the opposition? Do we incite or defuse?

It takes courage to address a growing swell of ugliness and small-mindedness, but the courage to share with our students comes not from sharing our opinions of others and their shortcomings. It is the courage to take responsibility for what we see in others as qualities we all share. Our defiance will be a hollow fury if we have not first owned who we are, before trumpeting it aloud about others. Perhaps the call is the challenge not to just teach Yoga but to be Yoga.