Practice During A Difficult Time
Patricia Walden

One of the best things we can do for ourselves during a difficult time is to PRACTICE. I have been telling my students at the beginning of class to observe their mental and emotional states and to observe them again at the end of class. Inevitably their feelings of agitation, fear or confusion, isolation etc. were transformed by practice. They experienced a calmness, a softening of the heart, a feeling of being seated in their Truth, and a connection to others.

Before each of my classes we have been discussing the importance of ahimsa in thought, word and action. We have taken on sutra 1.33. Patanjali asks us to cultivate the qualities of Friendliness and Compassion. It has been powerful and soothing to sit together and share our feelings. A yoga class can be a refuge.

What do we do when we can't do a formal practice or go to class to soothe ourselves? We don't need to be on our mat or in a class to practice yoga. When we practice yoga and study yoga regularly it stays in our cells. It is there when we need it wherever we are.