It Does What it Says on the Can
Gregor Singleton

This was the tagline for a rather obscure product that had something to do with a liquid that was used for sealing wood.

It is an appropriate tagline for teaching Yoga.

Faculty GS light leak20161202-Studio Session-1557.jpg

In some ways the knowledge of Yoga is both very simple and very complex. It is the most natural thing and the most obscure. It can work effectively if you explore it superficially or in depth. As a teacher you can explore the teachings of Yoga to a very highly rarified state or keep it more everyday and the Promise of Yoga will keep delivering itself. It is probably both its blessing and its curse.

When you teach Yoga, you contribute it to those who are with you in your class and rather magically you contribute it to yourself. To teach demands that you get clearer, simpler and honest with yourself. You are working with the Being of human being. As convoluted as that can be there is a resounding commonality to it that makes the teachings of Yoga so powerful and so needed.  When an authentic expression of who we are can so readily be sabotaged by a fabricated artificial intruder who wears us down with its justifications, reasons, excuses and exalted idea of itself it is even more important that we find what brings us together; shared experience, empathy, ritual, community. Just like we used to believe hundred of years ago in malign spirits that could possess us, changelings, our own minds can be our own worst enemies.

Sounds fantastical? Sounds familiar?

Well, it does what it says on the can. 
As a teacher you hold the space of Yoga which is the space of fearlessness. Freedom from fear of death, fear of life, fear of loss, fear of the other, fear of looking like a fool. Only with freedom from fear can there be love, joy and ease.

That's what written on the can and you bring what's in the can. That's what our Teacher Training is about.