Out of Darkness: Reconsidering Touch and Power Dynamics in Yoga

with Down Under Senior Faculty and Panelists

Fri, Oct 4 7:30–9pm • Brookline

A ground-breaking panel with some of the country's foremost teachers tackling the tricky terrain of touch, power dynamics, the teacher-student relationship, and the future of teaching in the wake of #MeToo and yoga's recent abuse scandals. Join us for a community gathering and introspective dialogue that will be interactive, joyful, provocative, collaborative, and a moment of svadhyaya (self-study) ensuring the power of touch continues in yoga with integrity. 

The evening will open with a discussion among panelists and then evolve into a community dialogue including all attendees. This is not simply a presentation by faculty – panelists will answer questions and debate ideas for the first half, and then open the floor for further discussion, and finally break out into smaller groups to explore concrete moves Down Under and other studios might adopt.

This event is free and open to the community.
Pre-registration is strongly recommended.

Patricia Walden
Director, Iyengar School

Natasha Rizopoulos
Lead 200/300 Hour Trainer

Kate O’Donnell
Director, Ashtanga and Ayurveda Schools

Masaaki Okamura
Director, Vinyasa Assisting Program

Tristan Boyer Binns
President, Iyengar Association of New England

Justine Wiltshire Cohen
Director, Down Under School of Yoga