Interested in beginning a Mysore practice? 

  1. Begin by attending Ashtanga drop-in classes with Rich and Didi. These classes will introduce you to the primary series of postures and Ashtanga counting system. 
  2. Observe a Mysore class: come to the Brookline studio around 7:30AM on a day Mysore is taking place. Quietly enter the sky studio, introduce yourself to Kate, and then observe for 30 minutes to become familiar with the Mysore practice. 
  3. The next day: arrive at the studio around 7:30AM ready to practice. Kate will individually instruct the beginning of the Primary Series. 
  4. Continue to practice at the studio a minimum of three mornings per week beginning around 7:30AM - including the Sunday 7:30AM led practice. Each consecutive day of instruction will build on the previous day with a focus on deepening and perfecting the point of focus (drishti) and the breath that is part of each pose (asana). Individual guidance and modifications from Kate and the Ashtanga Faculty creates an intimate relationship between student and the practice. 
  5. Once your practice is well-established, Kate will give you permission to practice within our two Mysore slots - 6-7:30am and/or 7:30-9am. Note that Mysore practice does not take place on the days of full or new moons. See Moon Days here

Additional questions about Mysore? Contact Wesley at