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Heated Flow is a challenging and vigorous vinyasa class, practiced in a humid room heated to 90 degrees. The heat adds a new dimension which demands a complete focus and absorption in breath and body. The heat makes muscles more pliable, and brings about a sense of deep presence rooted in the physical body. You are encouraged by the teacher to test your own physical, emotional and mental limits, and further develop the capacity for compassion, concentration and surrender. A heated flow sequence takes you on a journey of self-discovery, revealing your capacity for growth, strength and flexibility. What starts as a struggle and an effort is transformed into freedom, ease, joy, and deep passion.

what to bring


Be sure to be well hydrated prior to taking a heated class. Bring a water bottle, your mat and a towel. You are welcome to borrow a mat from the studio at no cost. We ask that you use a towel if you borrow a studio mat. Towels can be rented at the desk for $2-$5.