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Baptiste, Boston's original Heated Flow, is a powerful dynamic sequence demanding rhythmic breath and personal evolution.  Following an established sequence in 90+ degree heat and humidity, Baptiste Heated Flow classes ask you to understand your relationship to intensity and challenge. In exploring your physical, emotional and mental edge, you will need to cultivate focus, curiosity and compassion, so that what starts as a struggle becomes a source of self-knowledge.


Heated Flow is a creative vinyasa that uses 90 degree heat and humidity to make muscles more pliable and create a sense of deep presence rooted in the physicality of the body. The sequencing is fluid and innovative and the vigorous challenge of the pacing will connect you to your breath and rinse you from the inside out. But, like Baptiste Heated Flow, the purpose of the intensity is self-study, bringing you to your edge but also cradling you there.

what to bring


Be sure to be well hydrated prior to taking a heated class. Bring a water bottle, your mat and a towel. You are welcome to borrow a mat from the studio at no cost. We ask that you use a towel if you borrow a studio mat. Towels can be rented at the desk for $2-$5.