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Casey McCaig

Casey was born and raised in South Florida and has recently made the transition to make Massachusetts her new home. A college graduate of the University of Central Florida, she surfaced with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities in 2012. While studying cultures, religions, and philosophy she found an incredible passion for travel and a never ending desire to learn about how others lived. While reading books and writing papers for her classes helped with some of her curiosity she found that going to other countries and exploring for herself was the only way to truly learn. In a few short years her passport became filled with stamps from South Africa, Singapore, Tokyo, Holland, Belgium, France, and more. It was also through her education that she was introduced to Buddhism, Hinduism, and the teachings of a yogic lifestyle. Travel and yoga became her strongest passions and made her realize this was how her life was meant to be lived.

After graduating from college Casey furthered her personal yoga education by gaining her 200-hour Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga center in the Bahamas. She immersed her entire life into the Ashram for a month of yoga, asanas, meditation, detoxification, and an extensive amount of learning. The humbling, eye-opening, and life changing adventure made her realize she wanted to live a life that was completely surrounded by yoga. Through all of her travels, adventures, and life experiences she has learned that for her, the yoga community provides an incredible sense of warmth that no matter where you go can make you feel at home.