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Michael Glidden

Michael started practicing yoga February 1st 2013. A myriad of construction and snowboarding related injuries left his body feeling like the rusty tin man from The Wizard of Oz. One cold January morning while struggling to put on his socks he decided something needed to be done about this silly situation and he signed up for a 21 day yoga challenge at the local studio down the street. After the first class, his body wasn’t miraculously healed but his head was in such a wonderful place. It was clear that the practice of yoga would be a part of his life from that day forward. Six straight months of yoga challenges later, one of his instructors, Stephanie Fredricks, told him about the Down Under School of Yoga and its rich depth of teachers. His interest was piqued.

After his first class with Barbara Benagh he knew this was just the place he was looking for. Since then Michael has completed his 200 hour training with Natasha Rizopoulos, and regularly takes classes with with Barbara, Natasha, Jo Flaherty, Ben Chused, Peter Crowley, and Kate Heffernan. You can catch him most evenings at one studio or the other taking a class or two, or else tinkering with one of the many tasks involved with keeping the studios beautiful.